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Mission Critical Databases

We design beautiful custom databases that support your organization's collaboration goals. Gain tactical efficiencies which will allow your business to perform smoothly. Network and organize workflow to serve your people's productivity and to reduce bottlenecks in their daily life.

Mitigation, Migration, & Modernization

Nbiquity can fix difficult and long standing FileMaker Pro and web database issues. Learn how our creative problem solving gets it done.

Certified FileMaker Pro Developer

We believe in getting things done. Success hinges on utilizing rapid application development tools, smart people, and agile methods.

Publish a Web Database

Your customers, vendors and partners need answers — fast. Can your database keep up? Impress and retain your customers with focused sharing of up-to-date information.

Customer Centered Service

Your project deserves energetic and accurate turnaround — and gets it from Nbiquity. Your business needs to be even more competitive during economic down turns, Nbiquity offers cost effective services and impactful solutions. More about our development services...

Enjoy Winter!

Boston Spring 2010

FileMaker Pro 14 - Worthy upgrade

I discovering more productivity with FileMaker Pro v14. Coding with v14's Script environment, Read more about the significant advances of FileMaker Pro v14 platform.

FileMaker Pro 14.0v3 patch

14.0v3 is a patch with a small number of bug fixes.

FileMaker Certified

20 years of software and tech experience. Certified FileMaker Developer. Boston, New England, New York Area FileMaker/web developer.

FileMaker 7 Certified Developer